Planned Maintenance

02 June 2014


What is Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance is designed to update and replace worn-out parts of your building.  Planned maintenance works includes; major repairs, internal whole replacement works, including: kitchens, bathrooms central heating, electrical wiring.  External works, including: structural works, roofing replacement, security works, windows, doors, communal lift replacement and environmental works.

The programme is targeted to specific issues that we have identified within your home.

Planned maintenance work will differ from one property to another for a variety of reasons, e.g. previous works, age and condition of the property etc.

How will you know if your home is included in the Planned Maintenance Programme?

Not every NB Housing property will be due to have work carried out under a Planned Maintenance programme.If your home has been identified within future prgorammes you will receive a letter from us to inform you of the inclusion of your home and to inform you of the type of works being carried out.  You will also be invited to various tenant consultation events at one of our NB Housing offices.

Correspondence informing you of any future planned maintenance works will arrive in plenty of time before the works are to start and will introduce the contractor who will carry out the works for us,