Apartment Accommodation

Information for tenants

NB Housing

A large number of NB Housing tenants live in apartment accommodation. As such, tenants are asked to be mindful of their neighbours living in close close proximity to them and the spaces they share. The majority of our apartment buildings will have car parks, lifts, bin stores, stairwells, corridors etc. which are all communal spaces.

Tenants will on a day to day basis share, or use, these spaces. NB Housing and its tenants ask everyone considers their neighbours and respects the space they share. With this in mind we have detailed some information to encourage a harmonious environment for everyone!

Health and Safety

In the interest of the health and safety of yourself and your neighbours:

  • Never smoke in communal areas
  • Do not smoke in bed
  • Do not leave cookers unattended when on 
  • Do not use or store bottle gas in your apartment
  • Never permit entry to strangers 
  • When the fire alarm sounds, go to the assembly point

Communal Areas 

These can be outdoor gardens, lounges, corridors and landings. Tenants should cooperate with each other and keep these areas clean, free from litter and obstruction. NB Housing reminds tenants that any personal items are left at your own risk as we cannot be held responsible for damage or if they go missing. These are also smoke free zones as it is against the law to smoke in any internal communal area. 


Only tenants of the apartment building are permitted to park in the scheme car parks. Visitors are not permitted to park overnight as this may restrict space for tenants.


Pets are not permitted in apartment accommodation. Anyone found to be keeping pets in their flat are in breach of their tenancy agreement. Should anyone have a visitor with a pet, the pet is not permitted to stay in the flat. Any pet fouling, or causing disturbance to other while in the building will be the responsibility of the tenant. 


All rubbish should be disposed of properly in the bins provided. Tenants are not permitted to leave rubbish in the corridors, outside their doors, or at emergency exits.  Where recycling bays are provided, tenants are asked to sort their recycling appropriately for collection. Any receptacle that becomes contaminated will not be collected by the collection agency. Bulky appliances, cannot be left in corridors, outside doors, or in bin stores. Contact the council on 028 9027 0230 to arrange collection.


Tenants are advised to take out contents insurance to protect against damage to their own contents, or unintentional damage to other tenants contents.  

Anti-Social Behaviour

This might include violence/hate behaviour towards others, noise nuisance, door banging, dog fouling, litter, graffiti, intimidation, using accommodation for illegal acts e.g. selling drugs. Any of the above will be deemed as a breach of your tenancy agreement.  As all tenants are entitled to live in peace, reports of anti-social behaviour will be acknowledged and investigated when reported to NB Housing. 

 Useful contact numbers: 

  •  Noise control: 028 9037 3006
  • Graffiti removal: 028 9027 0230

Comments and Complaints

 We welcome any comments or complaints that will assist NB Housing making improvements to our services. 

Should you wish to make either a comment or complaint please feel free to call our Gatelodge office on 028 9059 2110 or our Crumlin Road office on 028 9035 1131. Alternatively you can email us at info@nb-housing.org 

Likewise any suggestions with regard to apartment living are very welcome.